Study Abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is an economical study and living destination. International students planning to study abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, read on to know about the student visa, accommodation, transportation, cost of study and living:

Cost of Study and Living

Tuition fees: The cost of study in Bosnia and Herzegovina varies depending on the study programme and the higher education institution chosen. Students can expect to pay not more than 4000 EUR per academic year. 

Living expenses: Bosnia and Herzegovina is less expensive as compared to other European countries. The living expenses in Bosnia and Herzegovina vary depending on the lifestyle.

Student Accommodation

Some of the higher education institutions may provide on-campus accommodation for students. Contact the respective university to know about the accommodation. Other accommodation options available for students in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:  

Apartments: This option is easily available for pupils studying abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can share the apartment, which will reduce the cost. 

Homestay: If you want to experience the Bosnia and Herzegovina culture and learn about their language and tradition, this is the best option for you. You can stay with a local family and learn about BiH culture. 

The cost may vary depending on the location, facilities and type of accommodation.


Public transportation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is reliable.  

Taxis: Taxis in Bosnia and Herzegovina are easily available. The taxis are metered and well regulated. 

Water taxis: In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are ferries between neighbouring cities in Adriatic and Neum. To travel around locally, you can get onto the private boats that ply along the lakes and inland rivers.

Bus: The bus network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is well developed. At the main bus station, you’re required to get a ticket at the ticket booth, while at smaller station, you can pay when you board the bus. 

Visa to Study in Bosnia and Herzegovina

International students who wish to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina require a visa if they are a non-EU/EEA country national.  EU, Canada or the United States citizens who wish to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period of less than 3 months do not require a visa for visiting the country. Otherwise a temporary residence permit should be taken, which will be valid for a period of 12 months. Many other country nationals need visitor visa for coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Pupils must fill a visa application form and submit it along with the necessary documents to the Bosnia and Herzegovina embassy/consulate.
  • Approval letter issued from the educational institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Proof of sufficient financial resource
  • Proof of accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • A valid copy of passport for Non-EU/EEA country citizens, or identity card for EU citizens
  • Proof of medical insurance

Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Study Destination

By studying abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you’ll get to experience new culture and atmosphere. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are plenty of higher education choices available for students. The higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are known for its quality education and environment. The country offers an opportunity to explore several areas.  
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